Cheating Wife Stories – Watch Me Cheat


Cheating wife stories – This is the story of a cheating wife cheating on her husband with a good looking man.

I cheated my husband after 23 years of marriage with this 20 years old good looking guy. I cheated on him with a guy I found on internet. He was really young just about my son’s age and that excited me. My husband is almost 46 years old and I never stopped loving him. But in this time we decided to take a break from each other. I started searching the internet to look for entertaining things to do and just saw this good looking young guy.

I decided to send him a message and he got back to me. We started to chat like four times every week and got too close. The day came to see each other live too. I went out to restaurant to see him. We had really good time together but ended the night there and got back to home. Started to chat a lot more and we were chatting with each other almost every day. We went out one more night and had really good fun. When we decided to end the night and go back home something happened in he way to my car. We found ourselves kissing in the back seats of my car. I couldn’t stop myself and he couldn’t either.

But after 5 or 10 minutes I decided to stop it and go back home. When I went home, I felt ashamed of myself. I told everything that happened to my husband that night. He didn’t accept this very well and decided to leave me.

Cheating wife stories – the end

This is my ‘cheating wife stories’ that ended really bad. My husband left me and my life went downhill from that moment. That was the worst night of my life.